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#2 Hunter Island Beta Sign-Up

Posted by admin on 19 July 2013 - 04:51 AM

If you are willing to participate in beta testing for Hunter Island, please reply to this post with the following information. 


1. How many hours do you have available for testing PER week? 


2. Have you played Dragon Island? If Yes, for how many hours?


3. What is your native language?


4. What is your favorite iOS game (other than Dragon Island...just in case some of you pick it  ;) )


5. What other IOS games have you beta tested?


6. Which IOS devices do you own? What is the OS version for each of the devices? (ie. iPhone 4s, ios 4.3)


Please DO NOT post any personal information in the replies. We will select a few and get back to you via the email you used to register. (sorry Apple rules, we can't have you all participate).

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#83868 Neo Monsters Beginners guide

Posted by Hidan1337 on 16 August 2016 - 07:48 PM

Starting this topic as I see lots of questions being repeated on the forums over and over again within new topics. I'll try to be as thoroughly as possible. I will not be looking at enemy monsters from the chapters nor will I discuss anything related to the offline story. All these missions are relatively easy to complete. if you need help building a team for something then please refer to the "rate/build my team" Thread.

List of Topics that will be discussed: ( I will not be able to type this guide out in one go so I'll update this list as I go along and will create an initial list for myself to know where I quit )

1. Choosing your Starter

2. First Gold egg

2.1 Last Biters

2.2 Effective use of gems

3. Offline Story

3.1 Progress through the isles

3.2 Isle Dungeons

3.3 Tournament Battles

3.4 Key Monsters on each Isle worth getting

4. Online Play

4.1 Story missions

4.2 Special events

4.3 Ultra-evolve Quests

4.4 Side Quests

4.4.1 Side Missions

4.4.2 Trainers Dojo

4.4.3 Labyrinth of the 4 guardian beasts

4.4.4 The Six Trials

5. Monster battles

5.1 Monster Types

5.2 Monster strategies

5.3 PvP Meta

5.3.1 Opening line-ups

5.4 PvE Events

5.4.1 Ultimate Challenge

5.4.2 Survival of the fittest

5.4.3 Island Challenge

5.4.4 Dungeon Challenge

5.4.5 Super Challenge Battle

---To Be continued---

1. Choosing your Starter

The game begins in a pokemon style fashion. I'll cut to the chase here you will have 4 types to choose from. Water, Thunder, Fire and Ground.

the choice used to be normally relevant but since the new permanent feature: Labyrinth of the 4 guardian beasts the choice really does not matter so go with your favourite.

Their final evolutions are as displayed below:

Attached File  Galvboss.jpg   9.76KB   13 downloads
Attached File  Redkong-0.jpg   19.69KB   8 downloads
Attached File  Viridizarus.jpg   11.04KB   7 downloads
Attached File  Wolfrozen.png   66.16KB   10 downloads

I'll leave it to your imagination who turns into what *cough*

anyway shortly after obtaining your starter you will get a free 3 star monster that will turn into Leobolt as final form which is an electric type monster.

Attached File  Leobolt.jpg   12.38KB   9 downloads

2. First Gold Egg

I am no longer sure whether this method is possible ever since they updated the egg hatch feature into a bird-nest type of thing.
Please leave a comment if you have verification whether it still works.

UPDATE: AlbinoRhino confirmed it is still possible as of 18-08-2016

After the initial opening you will get your first 5 gems and you will be able to roll your first egg. There are three levels of monsters you can obtain from the egg.

Epic ( Common )

Super Epic ( Uncommon )

Legendary ( Very Rare )

What you would want from your first egg is to get a legendary. It used to be (and should still be) possible to get a legendary on this first free roll you get.
Keep trying to restart the opening sequence to obtain at least a legendary from your first egg. It will help you go far in the game.

2.1 Last Biters

There are two Legendary monsters in the game known as "Last Biters". These monsters are named this way as they are able to use the move "Last Bite"

Last bite: 50 seconds - Deal critical damage to one opponent and heal for 50% of damage dealt. (Must be last monster on the field in order to use)

optimally speaking you would acquire one of these two in your first egg. With the right strategy and knowledge of opponents monsters you can quickly turn a battle of 1 VS 10 around and end up to win it off a Last Biter alone.

The Two Last Biter monsters are:


Attached File  Penguini.jpeg   13.79KB   18 downloads


Attached File  Golrock.jpg   3.54KB   15 downloads

If you are tired of reloading or simply want to continue to play the game just go with the first legendary you get. These two are just the best when it comes to beating online events as early as possible.
NOTE: do not take this lightly. please read the PVE Events section of the guide to consider whether you think its worth to keep trying for penguini or golrock. It will help you a lot in these PvE events which are a vital part of the game.

2.2 Effective use of gems

I will mention this early as it is very important especially for free users. Along the way of doing the offline and online campaigns as well as various events and side missions you will be given gems (the Premium currency in this game to roll eggs which is the only way to obtain legendary monster).

The most effective way of spending these gems is to not use them on eggs right away. Around holiday times an "Event egg" pops up. it's called "Legendary Festival" and the egg type is a "Festival egg".

Festival eggs have a much higher chance (1/18) than normal eggs (1/25) to get you a legendary monster. Moreover you are able to get any of the limited legendary monsters that are only available for the duration of the festival. Thus the best use for gems is to save them up until such a festival comes along.

3. Offline Story

After the opening sequence the game begins with you going to battle several trainers in order to attempt to become the grand champion. I will not care for details about the story too much and let you discover this yourself. this is merely to explain the isles work and more importantly which monsters are relevant getting on which isles.

3.1 Progress through the isles

To progress through the isles you must defeat several trainers on in order to advance to a tournament like setting. The isles require you to walk around. On the isle you encounter random monsters and a few "rare" ones.

don't get too excited.. Rare actually means 2 star monsters while very rare means 3 star monsters. These monsters are not of much value to your average long-term player. If you are free to play and a festival egg is not in sight they might prove valuable to you though to advance in the story. So try to catch as many of them as you can in that case.

Important to note: you cannot use the same monster twice in your lineup so do not bother to catch 2 of the same type.

As you battle you gather training points that are used to level up your monsters. The game does a good job at explaining how the card training system works so I will leave it up to the game to explain.

3.2 Isle Dungeons

Each Island has several dungeons containing 3 star or 4 star monsters. You will have to fight these monsters and while doing so capture one of them to obtain them - Note: BOSS type monsters (which is nothing more than the evolved form of the other monster you encounter in these battles) cannot be caught during the fight.

yet again, do not get too excited. The stats of these monsters are severly buffed when you battle them. once in your possession their stats will decrease tremendously. They are still good additions to your team though if you are a free player so do not fret to go back to islands you've already beaten to obtain these monsters for your team.

3.3 Tournament Battles

After defeating all the trainers on an island a battle will be held for the cup. I have never lost a battle in this cup so it will be hard to tell you what happens if you do (just try to win them it is not that hard!).
By winning (or ending in top 2) of the tournament cup you will unlock extra monster slots for your team.

You will also increase your team cost so you can hold more / stronger monsters in your team lineup. You can spy on the enemy lineups if you want (as far as I know this does not cost you anything) right before the battle and edit your team accordingly.

Once you've won the cup the next Island will unlock and a new set of trainers will present themselves for you to beat up.

3.4 Key Monsters on each Isle worth getting

This part is for the more advanced players. Some monsters although 1 star 2 star or 3 star monsters which are generally considered as weak have some super relevant movesets which can prove to be invaluable in PvP or PvE events.

Examples of Such skills are:

Knockback - Knock backs an enemy monster to the end of their team

Stun bomb - sacrifices the monster and stuns all enemy monsters on the field for 200 Seconds (NOTE: Last patch nerfed the low level stun bombers creating a new skill called stun burst which stuns for 150 seconds instead of 200)

I will not go into too much detail on the knockback monsters here. These monsters are generally useful in PvP.

For now I'll focus on the Stun bombers as they can actually help you out to beat the game and beat PvE events.

Stormfox 4 cost monster --- LOCATION: Cursed island - northeren snow part

Attached File  Stormfox.png   13.64KB   14 downloads

Islandoe 5 cost monster --- LOCATION: Tropical isles Grass Island north west of Weikan near the coast (note it is actually his unevolved form called Leafdoe)

Attached File  Islandoe.jpg   7.08KB   13 downloads

Seasteed 7 cost monster --- LOCATION: Southeren Dungeon on the Tropical Isles

Attached File  Seasteed.jpg   9.25KB   6 downloads

Raijin 7 cost monster --- LOCATION: Cursed island - northeren snow part

Attached File  Raijin.jpg   7.25KB   7 downloads

Fluferno 5 cost monster --- LOCATION: Cursed Island - Near Rashar in the grass

Attached File  Flufferno.jpg   8.61KB   8 downloads

Other monsters worth Mentioning are the Death Revenge monsters

As the name suggests these monsters randomly take out one of their opponents with them when they die.

Next to that these monsters have a move called "Death Roulette" which randomly kills one monster on the field (it can also kill your own monsters).
There are some event only and legendary monsters that have this skill but the two catchable ones are:

Rhynobrawl --- LOCATION: Desert island - Near Mardus on the south riverbank (it is actually his unevolved form Rhynorunt)
Attached File  Rhynorunt.png   21.93KB   9 downloads(rhynorunt)

Attached File  Rhynobrawl.png   56.95KB   8 downloads(RhynoBrawl)

Puffoxin --- LOCATION: Tropical isles completely west of the map west of Weikan near the water

Attached File  Puffoxin.jpg   10.73KB   8 downloads

DO NOTE: if you use poison gas and hit your Puffoxin / Rhyno with it their Death Revenge will not trigger due to them hitting Hold ground and then dying so be sure not to use it unless you wanna set up poison monsters.

4. Online Play

Just a small note: Online play actually requires your phone to have an internet connection either stable (when doing PVP) or at certain intervals (when loading into an event or battle and when trying to obtain rewards)

for most of the online activities you require tickets. These tickets regenerate at 1 every 10 minutes. When you level up your tickets get refilled to your maximum.
At the highest rank (100) your total ticket amount will be 96 and your team cost will be 173. online activities (permanent) as well as Live events (for a certain amount of days) will give you EXP points and increase your rank.

As far as I am aware there's no intention to increase the Rank cap and team cost cap at the moment.

4.1 Story missions

The first online activities which is basically a ''side story'' next to the main events happening in the offline story, is nothing much more than just an endless amount of battles against pre-set AI players.
Each chapter will have 7 realms which in turn have 5 levels that you must complete. Each realm belongs to one element safe for the final one which is a mixture of all elements.

Also the first chapter only has two realms instead of 7.

there are a total of 6 chapters available right now (7th chapter is on "coming soon" status).
Chapter 4-6 have buffed monsters in them so you will find these opponents very tough to beat.

The chapters 2-6 are also special in the sense that you can obtain ultra-evolve ingredients (more on that later) in them when doing the "Dungeon" level. To determine which type of element ingredient you want you need to pick the realm with the corresponding element.

below an overview:

Chapter 2: Bottles & Bronzemouth
Chapter 3: Pixies & Bronzemouth
Chapter 4: Harps & Silvermouth
Chapter 5 & 6: Lamps (Genies) & Silvermouth

if you do not care about the element you get and just want to get ingredients it is advised to just do the corresponding ultra-evolve ingredient mission.

4.2 Special events

Special events are events that appear every now and then when Developers decide to put them into the game. There are many different kind of events. I will discuss how each event works in a later chapter where also the most common strategies used in the events will be discussed in order to reach as far or as high as possible.

4.3 Ultra-evolve Quests

As explained earlier you can obtain ingredients doing the dungeon levels within the different chapters. There is however no guaranteed chance you will obtain ingredients when doing these missions.
The ultra-evolve quests garantuee the appearance of ingredient monsters but it is completely at random which element type you will get so a bit of luck is involved.

It is also important to note that some monsters have as low as a maximum 43% capture chance so even when you encounter your element type that you need, there's a chance he will still escape you.
Each of these ingredient missions will net you with experience rewards so if everything fails at least you're closer to leveling up.

I will take special note of ingredients that you are unable to get outside of ingredient missions or special events.

1. Pyramids:

The Pyramids also each have one type per element (below displayed the dark element pyramid "Noxmid")
Attached File  Noxmid.jpg   4.38KB   6 downloads

there are a few extra special pyramids one of which was added very recently to ultra-evolve the new legendary monsters namely:


update - got a picture. as stated before its available from pyramid missions:

Attached File  cryptamid.png   796.54KB   7 downloads

The last pyramid like monster is an "Omega mid" this omegamid monster is only obtainable in special events so do not bother wasting tickets on the pyramid mission trying to obtain him.
Omegamid is used to ultra-evolve nearly all legendaries and thus is a very valuable ingredient which you should not pass upon if you have the chance. below a picture:

Attached File  Omegamid_.jpeg   20.81KB   3 downloads

2. Mouths of Truth

Two mouths of truth namely the bronze and silver mouths appear in regular missions in the chapters I described above.

The Goldmouth however is only available through online events or the corresponding mission. when you do the gold mouth mission you are guaranteed at least one goldmouth as long as you manage to beat it.
Attached File  Goldmouth.png   35.91KB   3 downloads

The crystal mouth (obtainable in the same mission) is however more elusive and may or may not appear within random encounters when doing the gold mouth mission. It will never be handed out as a reward for completing the mission so you gotta get lucky again.

Attached File  crystal mouth.jpg   107.04KB   2 downloads

Recently new ingredient monsters have been popping up to evolve very specific legendaries. these ingridient monsters are only available through special events rewards or are a special event as a whole.

I am speaking of "THE CROWNWALKER" and "VORABOOK".

The crownwalker is used to evolve the recently added First ones "Ziberius" and "Metatherion" and is only available in the specific "Crown walker event".

Attached File  crownwalker.png   813.73KB   4 downloads

the vorabook is used to evolve certain legendaries that have come out recently and has been available in survival of the fittest and the island challenge as a reward.

update - picture:
Attached File  vorabook.png   838KB   3 downloads

Another special ingredient which is used to evolve your Epic starter into one of the Super Epic starters (combining all the epic starter ultra evolutions to create a single monster)
is The moalith. This ingredient is only available in the special event. Picture of the Moalith & event name below as well as the Super epic starter evolutions:

Attached File  Moalith.jpeg   34.38KB   3 downloads

Attached File  Super Epic starters.jpg   121.75KB   8 downloads

4.4 Side Quests

4.4.1 Side Missions

Side missions are several side stories with all the main characters from the game. You will get a gem reward at the end of each sequence.

4.4.2 Trainers Dojo

Trainer's dojo teaches you "how to play" basically giving you seemingly difficult encounters in which you need to play smart and understand the capabilities of the monsters you have to win the fights.
I will not spill the beans here and explain each one step by step. You should try to figure it out for yourself as this is really the best way to learn the game initially.

4.4.3 Labyrinth of the 4 guardian beasts

This event is the reason why picking the starter does not matter. In this event you are able to get each starter monsters with a 100% certainty the first time beat the corresponding element. you can only attempt this event every 24 hours. Once you have obtained the first guaranteed monster from a specific element (not counting the starter monster you picked initially) you will have a 60% chance to obtain it again when repeating the fight.

This possibility exists because of (you guessed it already) evolving the epic starters into the very powerful super epics. I'll give more details in an upcoming chapter dedicated entirely to monsters and their specific skills and in which team setups they might fit.

4.4.4 The Six Trials

The Six trials consists of ... well.. Six trials that you need to beat. each Trial will give you a specific epic monster.
I have found the most useful of these to be the Light type and the Thunder/energy/electric (whatever you feel like calling it) type.

The thunder type is a tank who absorbs stuns and takes a beating for your team.

The light type is a healer who can sacrifice herself to heal your team on the field to full HP. it can also purify debuffs as well as pass her turn up to another monster on your field.

NOTE: you can stack up the specific monster to make them +9 (maximum) more on the "upgrading" of monsters in a later chapter.

5. Monster battles

Monster battles.. the core of the game.. I will probably never be able to cover everything but I will try to cover as much as I can concerning monster battles.. This is however a beginners Guide.. I will make an "advanced sub section later which you can decide to read or not but it will require in-depth knowledge of the game mechanics as well as the specific monsters involved.

5.1 Monster Types

Starting off simply, monster types.. by now you must be aware there are 6 monster types. Fire, Water, Ground, Thunder, Light and Dark.

the type advantage is as follows : FIRE > GROUND

About Light and dark well: LIGHT > DARK > LIGHT > DARK > LIGHT > DARK ..... infinite loop

let me explain the last one a bit more.. Light is strong against Dark but Dark is strong against Light and Light is weak against Dark but Dark is also weak against Light.
Thus if Light gets hit by a dark attack it will take more damage than from any other type.
If Dark gets hit by a Light attack it will also take more damage.

Against every other type Light and Dark both hit for "normal" damage. This in essence gives light and dark a type advantage - namely because they have no monsters they will deal less damage to.

5.2 Monster strategies

There are many strategies that can be used in Neo Monsters. I will only discuss the most common monster moves here that work well together in a team format.


Poison.. speaks for itself I guess.. you poison your enemy which does constant damage (based on the number of seconds that pass) as well as enabling your poison monsters to use "Poison eater" or "Poison Massacre" to deal massive damage to poisoned targets.


probably another self explanatory but I'll mention it anyway. sleep tactic including "Sleep all", "Sleep grenade", "Potent sleep", "Sleep" and "Dreaming entrance"puts an opponent to sleep rendering it unable to do any move until it wakes up. when targets are asleep they are not able to do anything so you could leave 3 targets asleep and focus on killing off a single monster or you could put all monsters to sleep by means of SLEEP BOMB putting all monsters on the field to sleep and sacrificing the user to charge up skills that need time to charge.

sleeping monsters are vulnerable to the Dreamhunt skill which some monsters possess.


Remember those stun bomb monsters I spoke about? This is the tactic involving some of them and others. Leobolt which by now you should have leveled up when reaching this point in the guide has a passive skill called "Stunning Entrance". He is of course not the only one. by stunning monsters for a long period of time they become vulnerable to the skill "Timestrike" which deals damage based on the number of seconds a monster still has to wait before it's his turn.

4. Conditional skills

Some skills are only useful when conditions have been met. Timestrike and Dreamhunt are examples of it but do not quite have the same effect as the following skills in this topic that is why I put them here.
There is Survivor which kicks in after 300 seconds when a monster has been on the field which will allow the monster to deal massive damage to his target (the hit will recoil).
Next up is Bloodcrave, Bloodthirst and Bloodfury. I mention these skills together because they all need the monster to make kills to activate (bloodthirst needs two).
Once a kill has been obtained these skills will deal critical damage to their targets. Bloodcrave will Recoil - Bloodthirst and Bloodfury however will deal no recoil damage to the user.

Bloodthirst will continue to scale up till a certain point (do not fret, Bloodthirst will be able to one shot most monsters most of the time)
Bloodfury will (as far as I have been able to test) scale up indefinitely with each kill that is acquired.

5. additional comments

The things described here are commonly applied strategies but it is never too good to stack up too much of the same. if you meet a team with a lot of stun absorbers and you are purely relying on stunning your enemies to win you have lost. if you meet a team that is very poison focussed and poisons the whole team with poison gas to gain the advantage then sleep will be useless (you cannot sleep poisoned targets).

This is why to build your team up based on at least a mix of two of the above mentioned strategies to get the most out of your whole team.

6. special shout-out

A special shout-out has to be given here to the Twinkillers which are monsters that have obtained their name based on their two skills "Protect killer" and "Sleep Killer". These two skills are on a 70 seconds timed use and will deal critical damage to monsters with skills like "Protect teammates" "Protect focus" etc for Protect killer and "Sleep" "sleep all" etc for Sleep killer.

5.3 PvP Meta

alright where to start... the PvP meta has shifted every single consecutive PvP event and is obviously still evolving. Several setups have become the most commonly used ones which I will list in the opening line-ups. in the common strategy overview I'll give a list of monsters that will work well together.

This is from my viewpoint, since you can usually find me in and around the top 5 ranks I'll be looking at it from that perspective. this is by no means a build/rate team. please use the dedicated thread for that.

5.3.1 Opening line-ups

1. Throwbution (kong / Ziberius) As of the new patch Kong throw no longer activates Ziberius his double Retribution. PVP Meta will be updated when the next PvP event comes along and maybe a second one to make sure what the new dominant setups will be.

The logic is in the name.. I'm of course talking about the Ziberius / Kong throw opening line. they are both very quick monsters and it is hard to counterplay this opener without suffering significant damage. The other two monsters you add in this lineup are optional but they are commonly paired with:

Super epic stun absorb / hold ground
super epic or legendary Team turn


2. Sleepy Death sentence

Yeah I'm making these names up as we go.. anyway Soulstealer is the key monster here. Pretty much everything revolves around putting the opponent team to sleep while having Death Sentence all go off after 320 seconds and get a bloodthirst charged Soulstealer and a very dead opponent 4 man frontline. This setup on how to set up soulstealer comes in all kinds of variations. he is most commonly paired with Frostrider.

pairs well with:

Super epic stun absorb / hold ground
stun bomb / sleep bomb / give turn monsters (the epics)


3. Night Night

Strategy all revolving around Nightrider his desperate all move. get him into red hp and start going ape ****. that is pretty much it? This setup is a rare occurrence as the meta shifted away from it seeing as it is easily countered by knockbacks and hitting Nightrider towards half of his HP so he cannot reach the red fraction of health he needs to desperate all. I thought it would be worth mentioning as some people still try to use nightrider opening every now and then.

There are many types of Night Night frontlines but he's commonly paired with:

Epic stun immune give turns
Super epic / Legendary team turners


4. Assisted Thunder/ (Water?)

Setup evolving around assisted moves basically 4 monsters of the same type. Godfeather and Zephyrox are the two vital ones here for a thunder lineup as Godfeather is the only legendary assisted thunder in the game and Zephyrox has the move Teamturn which enables everyone to attack for a second round.

Assisted Water seemingly is more uncommon but certainly viable now that there's a Water Teamturn in the form of Mechaleviathan (if that's his name I just know him as "Levi" ) combined with Warca and Cryokaizer which are two legendary Assisted Wave monsters. There is also a water give turner Seahowl which is an ingame catchable that is commonly used in combination with this lineup.

common monsters to add to assisted thunder:

Grimowl (give turn epic)
Velocirex (another Assisted thunder monster super epic)

as far as assisted wave is concerned the water monsters are kind of set in stone being:


Seahowl could be dropped for something else but as this setup is not common there's not any one monster I could name here.

Speaking of Assisted thunder here's a video of mine in my newbie days in the first PvP event with an Assisted thunder frontline:


5. Assisted Holy

The assisted holy lineup revolves all around Sanctilion. This lineup is rather weak because Sanctilion is the only Assisted holy monster in the game. it is therefore unwise to use this as a frontline unless you have proper defenses set up to keep Sanctilion covered at the start (which is nearly impossible right now cause the earlier mentioned Ziberius strat). I would therefore not recommend to go with this setup anymore.

Just for the sake of completeness I still mention it here as some people still seem to use it in lower brackets. I prefer if I would use this setup to let it come together in the middle of the team. Check the second half of fights in the video above to see Assisted holy when I manage to pull it off lol.

commonly paired with:

epic stun absorb holy (there is no super epic holy stun absorber just like there is no shadow one)
Aurodragon (you could include Aurodragon to use heal rearguard on sanctilion's ''create duplicate'' and then use switchback with one of the epics to get double sanc on the field)


6. Death Revenge

As much as it pains me this strategy seems to be more and more common. It is an opening surrounding the death revenge move and with the addition of an extra two Death revengers it is getting easier and easier to execute this. The opening lineup consists out of 4 Death Revenge monsters (followed by maybe an extra few)

Death Revenge monsters include:

Midasdragon (new holy legendary monster available on regular egg)
Ultimadragon (exclusive to special/festival egg legendary)
Rhynobrawl (in game catchable)
Pufftoxin (in game catchable)
Gaiawolf (super epic event exclusive)
Nebelronix ( normal gold egg legendary)
Nebelronix electric version (normal gold egg legendary (seriously I dont know his name.. I generally call it the Nebel copy and that's for a good reason...))
Talosknight (normal gold egg legendary)
Apollorexus (exclusive to special/festival egg legendary - even though it is an exclusive it has the same moveset as Talosknight)

There is not much strategy involved really. just sit and wait for your monsters to die and kill off the enemy. nothing to it.

7. A thing to note

The strategies mentioned above are by no means the only opening lineups that work. This is just what is most commonly found when I played PvP these past few months. There are some more strategies I could mention but they are very niche and I felt they do not belong in this guide.

5.4 PvE Events

The most important part of this game involves around the events that the Developers put up regularly as time passes. within these events you can obtain exclusive rewards such as gems, rare gems, special ingredients and so forth. These events should not be taken lightly. there is definitely a paywall for most of them but if you have chosen to stick with Penguini or Golrock as your first gold egg monster you got yourself a big headstart.

5.4.1 Ultimate Challenge

The ultimate challenge is an event that costs you regular tickets to do a fight. You can skip as much as 20 levels ahead if I am not mistaken (NEEDS VERIFICATION) each time you do a fight. Please be aware though the higher you go. The more difficult fights will become as enemy monster strength ramps up pretty quickly. There are several common strategies used to play the ultimate challenge. There is end of event ranking rewards for the top 5000 (top 3000 gets the event exclusive monster) as well as Level rewards the higher you go (all the way up to level 600 which is really only for a selected few to reach).

Last Biter
If you have gone through the trouble of waiting for your Last Biter legendary this is where he will shine up until a certain point. You can get to as much as level 200 with him depending of your knowledge of the game mechanics. You should be able to reach level 80-100 without too much trouble off the Last Biter alone though without too much trouble.

Common strategies to get to the higher levels

NOTE: these strats involve very specific monsters in the game and are for people who own these monsters only

The strategy I personally use is a sleeper strategy. instead of me typing out how it works let me show you in a video I made. It's a long watch so you can skip through if you feel bored:

This strategy is based on sleep. Goldtail Shadowhunter and Stormloch are key here. Normally Dreamhunt one hits every monster in the game so as you can see from the video these monsters are BUFFED OUT OF THEIR MINDS.

Anyway next strategy..

The Nebelronix / electric nebelronix + Arthrasis stun bomb copy strategy that is commonly used right about now by all the top players. I've got the monsters to do this strategy but it's horribly boring (trust me it is) - It is probably more foolproof than the sleeper strategy and less prone to error. Although it takes a craplot of time. It basically revolves around Necromancing Stun bombers with Artharsis while using Create duplicate with Nebel/Electric Nebel to create an enormous Nebelronix army (which has death revenge capable of one shotting even the most buffed of monsters).

Another strategy involves Polareon. This is a sleep strategy for those lucky ones that have polareon. Polareon hits sleeping monsters to 1 hp no matter how strong they are ignoring all defense and health totals. a video by JRAlthouse here:


god that makes things so much easier than what I just showed you huh? no luck for Polareon tho.. :)

These are thusfar the only three strategies that I know that work. There are probably more but these are the most common either way.

5.4.2 Survival of the fittest

Boring Boring Boring.. I do not know what the developers were thinking. I seriously swear this is just a dumb race to 150 which is the level with the final rewards. Each level costs 15 tickets and there's no way of skipping stages. You will need to do 150 battles for 15 tickets each.

Since the event cannot be completed without refilling tickets or leveling up (there's simply not enough time) this will cost you some gems to reach floor 150 which will be worth it for rare gems that grant you increased chance on a special super epic/legendary egg to get legendaries. In-game acquired gems should be sufficient should you have a team powerful enough to get to floor 150.

The teams you fight will be buffed as we saw before in the Ultimate challenge. However level 150 is by far not as strong as what was shown in the video. Still my advice would be to run a sleep strategy or Death Revenge strategy should you have one. It is by far the most foolproof and you do not want to waste 15 tickets on losing a match.

There is really not much else to say. This event only appeared once at the time of writing this guide and it rewarded a super epic re-run monster (gaiawolf) for those that managed to reach floor 30 if I recall correctly.

5.4.3 Island Challenge

A drafting event. By far the most fun event up till date. It awards a super epic monster at floor 120 exclusive to the event.

You will get to pick out of 3 monsters every time and choose one monster that will be added to your drafting team. As time passes you will be able to draft more monsters and create a stronger team.
as you might have noticed by now I'm a sleeper specialist and also in this event I prefer to go with sleep and dreamhunt strategies. it is simply the most foolproof when it comes to fighting AI.

Do not focus too much on it though. Stun bombers & Survivor monsters are also a very strong pick next to sleepers as you can stun in order for your sleepers to get sleeps off as well as charging survivor for your survivor monsters. As many people will use Poison revenge monsters , Sleep bomb monsters are also very strong as you can kill an enemy Poison revenge monster and follow up with Sleep bomb which will not affect your team as they are poisoned. Do note though.. this event goes up to level 300 again for Rare gems. Monsters will be buffed starting around floor 80-100. Bloodcrave / Bloodthirst / Bloodfury are also moves that will still deal damage to the buffed monsters. Any other attack will probably fall short in power unless an enemy's seconds is real high and you can timestrike.

As time continues you will get some Super epics and eventually a legendary. The best Legendary pick that I've seen possible was Soulstealer (draft teams consist out of 10 monsters only and Soulstealer can take down the first 4 with Death sentence all and another 2-3 with Bloodthirst leaving you with very few monsters left to fight against).

Update: Last biters are not available for the drafting event.

5.4.4 Dungeon Challenge (Co-Author Wahab)

As its name suggests, its a special event where you explore and complete and progress through several floors of the dungeon. These events will normally have a new super epic monster as an event reward after completing the 40th floor. The only exceptions are that the HP of your monsters will not recover and that there are checkpoints on certain floors where you can continue from in case your team gets defeated or if you just want to take a break. Whilst exploring each floor of the dungeon, you can encounter teams of monsters which you have to defeat in order to progress through the dungeon. After progressing through each floor of the dungeon, the monsters will get buffed up (NEED TO FIND OUT IF THIS IS AFTER EACH FLOOR OR AFTER EVERY CHECKPOINT)

Strategies commonly used.
One of the most commonly used strategies when completing the dungeon is to have 3 desperate double monsters (preferably at + 4 or +5 to outspeed enemy monsters) + a team turn monster as your front 4. Haniwel is also very strong in this challenge (its a catchable monster with hp sharing and life flip all) to initially put your desperate doublers into red HP or to get them off hold ground

the Teamturn + Desperate double strat can get you all the way to floor 80 to obtain the legendary potions (which are the best rewards here).

An important tip here: you cannot exchange monsters from your party to your reserve but you can however change the order of the 16 monsters you decided to bring in the middle of the dungeon. example: if you run a stunner at 5 but one of your first 4 dies you can move 1 monster to spot 4 and still have your stunner at 5 for the next fights.

Another thing to note: do not try to build a "Team" with followups to one another. use like the first 7-8 monsters as your "team" and use the other 8 slots as "backups" to replace those in your first 8 should any of them die. in case of the triple desperate double + Teamturn strat, put any extra desperate doublers and Teamturners you have in the second line of your team and switch them in accordingly.

Notable rewards:
Event Monster at Level 40
2x gems at level 50
2x Epic bonus potions at level 57
2x Super epic bonus potions at level 64
Legendary bonus potions at levels 72 and 80
3x gems at level 90
5x gems at level 100

5.4.5 Super Challenge Battle (Co-Author Wahab)

Super challenge battle is a special event whereby the battles focus on new legendary's, sometimes on a new legendary and/or super epic monster and at times on previously released limited time only legendary's. It is worth noting that Super Challenge Battles precede limited time only Special or Festival egg offer where these featured/showcased monsters will be available to get from these eggs. You could consider these super challenge battles as a showcase/monster spotlight of what these monsters are capable of.

There are three stages to these events, Expert (Challenge 1) , Master (Challenge 2) and Extreme (Challenge 3)

Expert - Challenge 1
This battle will see you face off against a team built with the first (initial) evolution form of these showcased monsters as well as other monsters which maybe in their second evolution form. The team consists of 16 monsters.
Rewards: 1 gem and 1,300 Exp points (need to check if this varies between super challenge battles)

Master - Challenge 2
The second battle is slightly harder and will see you face off against the intermediate evolution line of the showcased monsters as well as other monsters which may also be ultra-evolved. This battle will see you battle vs 20 monsters.
Rewards - An ingredient item (usually a pyramid), 1 gem and 7,200 Exp points

Extreme - Challenge 3
This will be the hardest of the 3 challenges, whereby you'll face off against the Ultra-evolved forms of these monsters as well as other monsters. Again, you face off against 20 monsters.
Rewards - An Omegamid, 2 gems and 30,000 Exp points.

Disclaimer: Challenge 3 may be hard for newer lower hero ranked players to complete but does not necessarily mean its impossible.

Common strategy for challenge 3 for low ranked players

If you are a low ranked player but you've played pretty much what i've told you thusfar in the guide and tried to get Golrock / Penguini and the catchable stunbombers on the isles then the strategy is pretty simple. Put in the strongest monsters you have as the first 4-5 and make sure you get any stun absorbers / stun immunes off the field. When you've achieved that you're halfway.

Get the opponent to kill off any monsters you cannot sacrifice by yourself with skills like "heal all" "Stun bomb" "Sleep Bomb".

now after these 4-5 monsters you should have every single stun bomber you got lined up in a row. with at the very far end of that row you should have Godfeather as your last monster.

Bomb away! stun the crap out of em. this will generally put them close to 1000 TU. Be sure to use an accelerate at the end on Godfeather. you might have to use lifeflip with Godfeather in order for him to start using last bite. do not worry about your HP you will regenerate it with "Last Bite" anyway.

now single target one monster and keep killing the monster that comes in. do not worry about poison revenge or deaths revenge. As long as you are next in line again taking the next turn Godfeather will not die from the poison damage after being put to HG by deaths revenge.

Note: this strat works generally but you will have to mix it up sometimes. For example if a challenge contains some dream entrance monsters you'll have to get your Godfeather poisoned before bringing these monsters into the field. If you dont they will surely kill you with dreamhunt or nightmare's grip (Polareon).

The easiest way is to kill a poison revenge monster if the opponent has one. If not you'll have to bring godfeather out early and use poison gas from one of your own monsters. you will put your godfeather at risk here but there's an unlimited amount of tries you can go through so just think logically and try, try and try again while changing strats should get you there with Godfeather and stunbombers 90% of the time.

----Work in Progress-----
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#11554 The BEST and Most Efficient Way to Farm Rares

Posted by reedobandito on 27 November 2013 - 06:56 PM

OK so I, like many others here, have spent countless hours on the roads north of Orlen and Agramis in search of those elusive Starters and Hatchlings. My frustration of wasting entire days with nothing to show was compounded by the extreme irritation of how unreliable attempting to escape each battle was, or how long it took to get through various menus if I just decided to KO the foes (3 XP YAY!).




First, you must catch a Metallo (those shiny silver ditto-esque blobs) in the Ziggurat in the desert. Evolve it into a Metallodious (you're gonna want another unevolved Metallo for the Barricadus recipe later), and it learns the ability Escape. This is instantaneous and 100% effective, and if you send it out with two lower level or very slow starters, and gets the first move every time. 


I managed to cut my farm times down by at least half, probably 2/3. It's so much quicker that immediately after I adopted this method, I caught 2 hatchlings and 2 starters in the span of literally 20-30 minutes (I was so excited haha). Now all I have left is a Snorkling, but with this method, it'll soon be mine!


Hope this helps, and makes farming a little less frustrating for all! 

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#64118 neo monster memes/fan art

Posted by RNA lochi on 01 May 2016 - 10:45 AM

Il be adding more as I create more feel free to add ones of your own
Some more

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#99395 Neo Monsters fan art gallery

Posted by Fredator on 01 November 2016 - 07:51 PM

Finally found some time to complete him...

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#100541 NMA Official Clan Thread

Posted by NMA Alucard on 08 November 2016 - 02:17 PM

The ever talented Fredator was awesome enough to let me share his newest creation here on the NMA thread since we have a special place in our hearts for moji.

Behold, MechaMoji!!

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#93991 Neo Monsters fan art gallery

Posted by Fredator on 07 October 2016 - 04:02 PM

Opening a new thread instead of posting on the memes thread. Feel free to post any images you made or found about Neo Monsters. If it is not your own work, try to credit the creator if known.

All my images (fredator) posted here can be used and/ or shared.
Here's some older and 2 new ones. Hope you like them...













I will try to make more, feel free to make suggestions.
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#92783 neo monster memes/fan art

Posted by Fredator on 30 September 2016 - 05:10 PM

Here's a Ziberius for you guys... Hope you like him too.

Overall I really like the design of a lot of monsters in Neo monsters. I think the devs are really doing a good job in designing. Actually I'm wondering who's designing their monsters, I think this guy (or multiple people) deserves a big compliment.
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#6320 FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Hunter Island

Posted by Jemnidad on 14 November 2013 - 07:48 PM

General App Questions

Q: What is bluecub?

A: Bluecub is an arkadion that evolves into Coldheart. It was made available for free in the bazaar during the first few days of Hunter Island's release, but was taken down after a while. It will be made available through OM or in the gold spins. Read more information about it here.


Q: Can I transfer my save file between devices?

A: No. Currently save data is local to one device only. 


Q: I want to start over, can I do that?

A: Yes. If you have additional save slots, you can start a new game on a separate save. Otherwise, delete the save file and restart. You will lose all progress and redo all the starter choices and egg spins if you pick the latter option. If you want to retrieve the Bluecub again you must delete the app and reinstall. 


Q: Is there an Android version?

A: No.


PvP Questions

Q: How do I do PvP?

A: You must have an Arkadion of at least level 20. Once you do, tap on the blue "online" button in the bottom-left corner, and select PvP. 


Q: Does monster level matter in PvP?

A: No. All monsters are set to level 75 in PvP.


Q: How do I edit my PvP team? 

A: On the PvP screen (where you can select the type of battle you want to participate in), tap on the bottom-right icon that shows three starter monsters.


Q: What are diamonds?

A: Diamonds are received from winning battles in PvP. As you rank higher in PvP, you'll win more diamonds. You can also get diamonds by fighting a friend via Game Center. Note that you'll only get diamonds when fighting a friend once per day (per friend). Diamonds act as milestones, and can be used to unlock gold, grade boosters, and new, rare Arkadions. Your diamonds will not be spent when you unlock a new reward - they only act as a milestone. 


Q: Do ocarinas affect PvP?

A: Nope.


Q: I won, but I got a defeat!

A: This is a known bug. Please sit tight!


General Gameplay Questions

Q: What is TU?

A:  TU are called Time Units, an imaginary measurement of time that we use here in Hunter Island. Basically, every single move that is used in the game costs TU. When in battle, by clicking on the little "i" next to all moves, you are able to read the descriptions of them. These show the damage, type of damage, secondary effects, and range of the attack. They also show the amount of TU it takes to perform that move, while more powerful moves will cost a lot more TU than weaker ones.


Now then.....on the top left, you'll see the TU count next to the face of each monster. These are the current monster's TU. If a Glazio has TU 500, that means that it cannot attack for another 500 TU.


Let's say you have monster A and B, while the opponent has monster C and D. The current standings are A 0, B 194, C 200, D 12....this means that it is currently A's turn to make a move, with D being next. Let's say it uses Rend, which would be a total of 250 TU. This would make it A 250, B 194, C 200, D 12....then, since D goes next after 12 TU pass, the next move will commence at A 238, B 182, C 188, D 0....then it uses rend as well, making it A 238, B 182, C 188, D 250. Then, when B goes next, it will be A 56, B 0, C 6, D 68.....make sense?


Moves such as stun increase enemy TU for a smaller price. You can increase the TU of D by 300 by gaining only 100 yourself. It's very strategic.


When monsters are defeated, and a new monster comes into play, the monster's speed will affect the total number of TU that it has initially.


Q: Why does it say I still have to complete a quest even though I just finished it?

A: If you quit the game without re-entering a town, then the game did not save your completion data.  Re-enter towns to mark your savepoints.  


Q: Do starters spawn in the wild?

A: Yes. 


Q: Why did Monster X get XP when I didn't even use it in battle?

A: A number of Arkadions use abilities (Examples: Blood Magic, Devour, Throw) that use another Arkadion from your lineup. In such cases, those Arkadions are "involved" in battle and gain XP.


Q: What is the letter you see next to each monster?

A: That is called a Grade. There are 6 different grades with E being the lowest. It goes from E -> D -> C -> B -> A-> S.  The better the grade, the greater the chance of getting a Bonus Attack. Having an S graded monster also changes its appearance, making it look shiny. 


Q:  What is Bonus Action and how do I get more of them?

A:  A Bonus Action is a bonus attack you can randomly get after an attack. You can get up to 4 bonus attacks consecutively. Bonus action chances are determined by the grade of your monster.  S has the best chance followed by A, then B, and on down.


Q: How do I catch a monster?

A: If you press the Grade of the monster inside the square to the left of the monster, it will open a new window with 3 different options. The left one costs a low amount of silver and has a low chance of catching the monster. The middle one costs more silver with an higher chance of success. The right one costs GOLD, but has a really high chance of success.


Q: Can you help me find a particular monster?

A: Read the topics in this section. If you can't find the answer there, post a new topic asking for help. 


Q: What is a First One?

A:  A First One is a story boss that can also be summoned after being defeated. You can summon First Ones by tapping on your character when he or she flashes and the bar is filled with blue. Once you summon a First One, you can't summon the same one until you visit a town, so be careful of when and which one you summon!


Q: What different types are there and how do they work against each other?

A: Earth beats Air, Air beats Water, Water beats Fire, Fire beats Earth. Shadow is stronger against them all. Holy is weaker than most, but eats Shadow for breakfast. Elementless are strong against everything, but weak against other Elementless.


Q: What is a ticket and what are they used for?

A: Tickets are used when entering Online Mission and PVP.


Q: How do you obtain a ticket?

A: Tickets can be bought with gold, but they can also be acquired in the Online Mission option. Wait for the Meter to fill and you can collect them for free provided you have less than 60.


Q: How do you get silver?

A: You gain silver after each fight and also inside chests in dungeons. Monsters do not give silver inside the Infinite Dungeon, but each floor with a monster has a chest that will provide silver.


Q: Wait...where is the infinite dungeon?

A: You must complete the story to unlock the infinite dungeon.


Q: How do you get gold?

A: Gold can be bought in the store for real money. Some quests also give you gold as a reward, gold is obtainable when winning in the arena, and it can be obtained via diamonds from PvPing.


Q: Where can I see how much silver and/or gold I have?

A: Tap on the golden egg in the lower right corner of your UI, then look in the lower left. This only applies if you are on the world map. If you're in town, you can check by visiting a shop. 


Q: What are the stars you see on each monster?

A: They are called ranks. More stars means a stronger monster. They go from 1 up to 12.


Q: What do my attacks do?

A: There is a small information button below each attack marked with an  "i".


Q: How do I attack?

A: You either tap the skill you want to use, or swipe in the direction the skills show you.


Q: How many monsters can I have in my lineup and in my bench?

A: The amount of monsters you can have in your fighting setup it determined by how many Musical Scores you have and which Ocarina you have equipped. It's also raised based on the Hunter Rank you have. You can store unlimited monsters in your bench.


Q: What is a Musical Score and where can I find them?

A: You get them by reaching the different milestones in the game.


Q: What is an Ocarina and how can I gather more?

A: An Ocarina increases every stat of each monster you have and they also increase the amount of monsters you can have in your fighting setup. Some Ocarinas also have a special effect which can be looked at by pressing the "+" above the Ocarina in the Ocarina option or when you buy them.


Q: What are these arrows above the Ocarina?

A: By tapping those arrows it will allow you to sort the Ocarina after the arrowed-stat you have marked.


Q: What is a Hunter Rank and how can I improve it?

A: A Hunter Rank is a rank which determines how well you are doing and how strong you are. The better the rank, the more monsters you can have in your fighting setup. Your Hunter Rank can be improved by fighting in the Deucalion Outpost in each city.


Q: What is a Fusion Lab?

A: A Fusion Lab is a laboratory where you can combine some of your monsters into different monsters if you have the required recipe.


Q: Where can I find the recipes for the Fusion Lab?

A: You will need a recipe to combine monsters and these recipes can be acquired from side-quests you get in some of the towns. Some recipes are also gained from the Online Events, and others are obtained through hunter battles.


Q: What grade will my monster become when I fuse?

A: The grade of your fused monster will be the average of the monsters your fuse. If you fuse an A with an A, the outcome will be an A as well. If you fuse an A with a C, the outcome will be a B. If you fuse an A with an B, it will be A. When fusing, if there's no middle value between the two letters being fused, it will take the higher of the two. 


Q: How do I get better grades on my monsters?

A: Some online events will grant you an item that you can use to improve the grade of one of your monsters.  It does not come around often so use it on your best monsters.


Q: What is an Egg and how do I get them?

A: An Egg is an item which will make you spin a slot. In these slots there are a dozen monster and the reward from these slots are one of the monsters you can see on the right side. Normal eggs contain common monsters.


Q: What is a Golden Egg and how do I get them?

A:  A Golden Egg is an item which will make you spin a slot. In these slots there are a dozen monster and the reward from these slots are one of the monsters you can see on the right side. Golden eggs contain common and rare monsters.


Q: What is the maximum level for monsters?

A: The maximum level is 99.


Q: Is the Infinite Dungeon really infinite?

A: Try to reach the end!


Q: What is a waypoint and how do I use it?

A: A waypoint is like a checkpoint for each dungeon. You can teleport to these waypoints from the start of each dungeon, or from other waypoints inside the dungeon. They activate once you step on them.


Q: I can't get to Takran! I'm stuck on floor 3.

A: To get to Takran, you need to go down three floors, find the second pair of stairs going up, and then go up three levels. You come out in Takran. 


Q: Where is Maldan?

A: Maldan is southwest of Geat. You will have to go off course for this town.


Q: I see a monster I really want, but I can't catch it! Why?

A: In solo-play, some Arkadions such as Gargol, Mantisword, and Bronzeshell summon uncatchable monsters. It is also impossible to catch Arkadions near or in the Deucalion Tower.


Q: What is "fever"?

A: After you purchase a gold egg, it will allow you to spin a wheel full of gold eggs. Some of these eggs will be labeled "fever". If you get one of these eggs, it will put you into fever mode and allow you to have an increased chance of getting rare Arkadions and a 5,000 gold jackpot! 


Q: I can't use some of my arkadion's skills in battle. Why not?

A: These skills are called passive skills. They don't need to be selected to be used, so that's why you can't see/use them in battle. Passives are things like "pay back," which deals damage to the enemy when it attacks you, or "Charisma," which boosts attack and magic.


Q: How can I tell what a skill does in battle?

A: You can tap the small button with the "i" next to the skill. This will provide some information for the skill you chose.


Q: I'm getting no random battles!

A: This happens when you're in an area where your party level is higher than the enemies' level. Keep in mind that, even with one lvl 99 and two lvl 4 arkadions, you will not get ambushed by lower level arkadions because you have a lvl 99. To force a battle, tap the spot you're in.

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#9910 Mission Fair Practice Policy

Posted by admin on 23 November 2013 - 01:06 PM

Summary: normally only 1% of the players will win, but if you have never won in that Season (usually 10 weeks per Season) you just need to finish in the top 10%. This way people who don't win get better odds of winning as time goes by.

1). We will keep a list of every player that has won a grand prize in a mission
2). The list will be wiped out every 10 weeks (number may change based on feedback). We will refer to this period as a Season. 
3) If you have NOT won a grand prize through finishing in the top during a Season, then you are placed in pool A. 
4) If you have won a grand prize through finishing in the top during a Season, then you are immediately placed in pool B.
5) For players in pool A, the number of grand prizes awarded in each mission will equal to 10% of the people who completed (everyone in both pools who got to the end including the people who lost) the prior week's mission .
6) For players in pool B, the number of grand prizes awarded in each mission will equal to 1% of the people who completed (everyone in both pools who got to the end including the people who lost) the prior week's mission.

The rules will take effect starting the next mission. Thank you for playing and voicing your opinions. We are absolutely committed in making the experience fair and entertaining for everyone. We appreciate your support. Thank you!

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#92192 Petition for Necrom's apology present

Posted by RNA Buckingham on 28 September 2016 - 09:56 AM

I'll admit I thought necrom was a hacker. We all did. Turns out a series of improbable events not only made everyone think he was a hacker but also effectively prevented him from properly participating in the previous UC

I might be overstepping here but I think maybe a little apology present from the devs might be in order. And if nothing else consider this thread a way of saying sorry from everyone who wrongfully hated on you for hacking, me included.

If you agree sign below
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#46296 Update: ZigZaGame's current situation.

Posted by admin on 25 July 2014 - 10:24 AM

Okay, we definitely owe you an apology for the lack of communication and the delay. Very sorry.  We wanted to wait until we were dead sure when the update was going to hit the store before commenting, but since its taking forever, I will explain our situation. 


1. We submitted a build roughly 2 months ago, but we had to reject it due to policy changes that took place regarding idfa tracking. We were using this to track installs from advertisements. We had to make some significant code changes to the data logging back end, and had to retest the app all over again. 


2. We need to allocate a lot of our time on our next game so that it doesn't take another year. We are also porting the game over from cocos to unity, which is basically a rewrite of the engine. We also have 900 monsters to animate...


3. We have been getting ready for micromon's release.


All this is overwhelming for 5 people.  


The cocos to unity rewrite is a business decision, but we need to make the jump to increase our chances of survival. Ideally, we would have a team to update Hunter Island if we were a larger company.  


This is the first time we have direct communication with you guys. All the feedback has taught us that we can do a lot better, which is one of the reasons why we are allocating a lot of time into our new game.      


I do want to say that we absolutely value this community. We believe its the best thing we have going for ourselves. 

We still remember the days when we had less than 200 fans on our facebook page.   


We have to grow a little more as a business to multitask updates and new releases. 

We are trying our absolute best, I hope you guys understand.  


I will try to update you guys more, but its a bit overwhelming right now, and the lack of progress that we can show is very depressing for us to be honest. 

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#129315 New Feature: Achievements

Posted by Dev VKC on 16 June 2017 - 10:24 AM

Hello fams!

New feature: Achievements has released in order to reward our best players and the best consistent performance!

You can access to the page by tapping "Achievements" icon on the left corner of online section!


I wish everyone has a good weekend!

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#126408 Improvements || Achievements? || more rewards!

Posted by Unown on 26 May 2017 - 01:27 PM

I thought of a achievement system that would make new players even more excited to play for the rewards. I will list a potential achievement list.


Reach hero rank 10

Reach hero rank 20

Reach hero rank 30



so for each 10th level you get 1 gem as a reward. And i thought for 50 and 100 has 5 gem rewards, and level 150 has 5 rare gems.


Hatch 1   epic  - 10,000 silver + epic pot + 1 youth fruit

Hatch 10 epics - 50,000 silver + 1 gem + 3 epic pots + 3 youth fruit

Hatch 25 epics - 150,000 silver + 5 gems + 5 epic pots + 5 youth fruit

Hatch 50 epics - 500,000 silver + 10 gems + 10 epic pots + 10 youth fruit


Hatch 1 super epic - 1 Super youth fruit + SE pot

Hatch 10 super epics - 3 Super youth fruit + 1 gem + 3 SE pots

Hatch 25 super epics - 5 super youth fruit + 5 gems + 5 SE pots

Hatch 50 super epics - 10 super youth fruits + 15 gems + 10 SE pots


Hatch 1 legendary - 5 rare gems + 1 Leg pot

Hatch 5 legendaries - Ocarina + 5 rare gems + 3 Leg pots

Hatch 10 legendaries - Ocarina + 5 rare gems + 3 leg pots

Hatch 25 legendaries - Ocarina + 5 rare gems + 5 leg pots

Hatch 50 legendaries - Ocarina + 25 gems + 10 leg pots



Ultra evolve 1 monster - random ingredient

Ultra evolve 10 monsters - random ingredients

Ultra evolve 25 monsters - Some silver and random ingredients (can include rare ingredient)

Ultra evolve 50 monsters - Some silver and random ingredients (can include rare ingredient)

Ultra evolve 100 monsters - Loads of silver and lots of random ingredients  (can include rare ingredient)

Ultra evolve 150 monsters - Loads of silver and lots of random ingredients  (can include rare ingredient)



Play 1 pvp battle - Epic pot

Play 10 pvp battles - 1 gem

Play 25 pvp battles - Se pot

Play 50 pvp battles - 1 gem

Play 100 pvp battles - Leg pot

Play 250 pvp battles - 5 gems

Play 500 pvp battles - 3 leg pots + 5 gems



Reach uc level 10 - ???

Reach uc level 25 - ???

Reach uc level 50 - ???

Reach uc level 100 - ???

Reach uc level 250 - ???

Reach uc level 500 - ???

Reach uc level 1000 - ???

Reach uc level 1500 - ???

Reach uc level 2500 - ???



Reach sotf level 5 - ???

Reach sotf level 10 - ???

Reach sotf level 25 - ???

Reach sotf level 50 - ???

Reach sotf level 100 - ???

Reach sotf level 150 - ???

Reach sotf level 200 - ???



Reach dc level 5 - ???

Reach dc level 10 - ???

Reach dc level 25 - ???

Reach dc level 50 - ???

Reach dc level 100 - ???



Beat showdown tower floor 3 - ???

Beat showdown tower floor 6 - ???

Beat showdown tower floor 9 - ???

Beat showdown tower floor 12 - ???



Reach IC level 10 - ???

Reach IC level 25 - ???

Reach IC level 50 - ???

Reach IC level 100 - ???

Reach IC level 200 - ???

Reach IC level 300 - ???

Reach IC level 400  - ???

Reach IC level 500 - ???



Complete 1 scb - ???

Complete 5 scb - ???

Complete 15 scb - ???

Complete 25 scb - ???



Own 1 crown - ???

Own 5 crowns - ???

Own 10 Crowns - ???



Use a epic as a shared monster

Use a SE as a shared monster

Use a Leg as a shared monster



Use friends shared monster x 1

Use friends shared monster x 25

Use friends shared monster x 50

Use friends shared monster x 100

Use friends shared monster x 500

Use friends shared monster x 1000

Use friends shared monster x 2000



Use tickets x 10

Use tickets x 50

Use tickets x 100

Use tickets x 250

Use tickets x 1000

Use tickets x 2500

Use tickets x 5000

Use tickets x 10000



Complete achievements x 1

Complete achievements x 5

Complete achievements x 10

Complete achievements x 20

Complete achievements x 30

Complete achievements x 40


This is all i came up with, some of them might be overkill. you could suggest rewards and other achievements. I dont know if the events need achievements cuz they already have rewards in them.






Onto the next "improvement"


More friend point rewards!!


400 for 1 youth fruit is just so little that it becomes useless at later levels, and hard to get at earlier levels. then i came up with this idea:



400 youth fruit

800 super youth fruit

1000 1 gem

1250 2 epic pots

2000 3 gems

3500 2 se pots

5000 2 leg pots

7500 15 gems

10000 5 rare gems


This would make many very happy!






Rare egg festivals


A seperate festival for rare egg that contains all previous released event se and few legendaries that arent in the regular roll.

Only 1 can be opened each festival.


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Posted by DNA Polymerase on 05 January 2017 - 08:31 PM

Want your opinions be heard? Sick and tired of this much BS from the Devs? Want things to change?

Everyone seems to be agreeing on and saying yes to the above. I'm more of a person who believes that actions speak louder than words.

So my proposal is, stop spending. Boycott. Change your spending temptation and habits, change the Devs ignorance and neglect. The era of asking for making things right is OVER. It's time we start DEMANDING the respect we deserve.


Lack of communication, disregarding suggestions, AND constantly being in DENIAL of what is clearly wrong. No offense, but the last Dev Update was on Forum clean up, if I didn't know better, I would've thought that it was possible for the clean up to have swept you Devs up and out of the forums as well.


Just saying. Devs, Tyler, delete this as you wish. I'll just repost. You keep deleting. I'll keep posting. Let's see who has to do more work :D my copy and pasting during free time/making new accounts using random emails or you deleting and banning and etc when you could use your time to make more money scraping OP monsters. You're welcome.

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#103352 Neomonsters Fanfiction

Posted by RNA Buckingham on 25 November 2016 - 03:27 PM

So I was doing my usual free writing and the basis of this pretty much appeared on my page. Was gonna just file it but then I thought I might as well write it out because I wasn't doing anything else, soooooooo I wrote some stuff and now it's here. It's not anything super dedicated but hey, it's something. You're welcome. 

Also just in case it comes up I don't own any of the characters and am just using them etc

Also put it in a spoiler to avoid the world's longest OP.


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#95327 Neo Monsters fan art gallery

Posted by Fredator on 13 October 2016 - 07:10 PM

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#107903 New Year's Gems

Posted by GMagic on 31 December 2016 - 07:26 PM

I saw this posted on another thread by Shomy, but I'm making it it's own thread so the devs can't say they didn't see it.

What's wrong with 100 gems to each player for New Years? Y'all just had a festival egg in which most if not all players used all their gems to roll. Now no one has any, and you roll another festival egg out there. The egg itself is great, thanks for giving us that 2% chance increase on legends. But seriously it's obviously a money grab.

Long time players, your biggest supporters for so long, are seeing this tendency and many are quitting or considering it. Giving players a chance at one or two "10 in 1's" would go a long way towards atoning for the many bugs and failures of the game this year.

Thanks for listening
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#107766 Neo Monsters Beginners guide

Posted by RoA JackScale on 30 December 2016 - 03:45 AM

Firstly id like to thank buck for his amazingly helpful list he put together for us. Although none of it is fact I believe that more or less %95 on target with everyones opinions.

Alright, so Im going to split this up into 5 categories. Frontline, 5th slot, mid game, end game, and last slot.
Frontline: when it comes to building a frontline what your looking for is speed combined with power, stun protection, and protection. What you should be aiming for with your frontline is that you should be able to give yourself the advantage early. The game is not decided on the outcome of the frontline battle. Taking the early advantage comes in many forms; whether its setting up stun, or killing potential protect killers, or killing the sweepers before they can sweep, or paving the way for your team turner to use team turn, etc., and thats what your looking for with the speed/power combo. Now all frontlines need to be mostly stun proof, obviously in order to not let the opponent take the early advantage. Finally protection. Protection comes in many forms. It comes in the form of protectors and in the form of quick killers, to protect your important monsters, and it comes in the form of knockback, just to name a few.
5th slot: now your 5th slot can possibly decide the game for you. What youre mainly looking for in the 5th slot is 2 things. 1. Entrance passives 2. Keeping frail monsters you want in the beginning of the game safe from the frontline battle. Entrance passives can create distruption in the enemy line stopping him dead in his tracks, or it can be used to set yourself up offensively.
Midgame: the midgame in usually when the game is won. If your sweepers are charged and protected that would win you the game barring a serious comeback from the opponents endgame. What your looking for in midgame is sustainable sweepers and protection to help sustain your sustainable sweepers. Again, the midgame protection comes in many forms. It comes in the form of protectors, multiple sweepers that can keep each other safe, sleep, and many other variations.
Endgame: the purpose of the end game shud be stopping the battle from spiraling out control so you can set yourself up for a comeback. The way to do that would be to have sweepers that can clear an entire line but arent so sustainable. It's the equivalent of throwing a hail mary.
Last slot: the last slot has the unique element of being able to switch places to it. That can be numerous things. It can be stun, or roaring entrance, or stun protection, or purifying, or when set up properly you can surprise your opponent with immediate give turn. And sometime the last slot can be used as fodder. But when doing so make sure it's somewhat useful in case you dont sacrifice it.

As of now in only gonna gonna place the monsters rated a+ And higher and leave the rest open for suggestions.

Frontline monsters:
Lavaronix/mechaviathan. These 2 provide great frontline stun protection and can survive a hit from almost all monsters. Obviously team turn/give turn combonation provides them with unprecedented power and can enable your team to take out at least 5 emeny monsters in one shot. They also do great in mid game and end game.

Ziberius. He is the monster we all love and hate. He is arguably the most versatile of frontline monsters. The ability to take advantage of bringing in the 5th slot monster at extreme speed makes him an all star frontline option. As well as that he is also very hard to kill before he gets his turn and can hit hard if double retribution is activated right away. Aside from that he doesnt have much of a place in midgame or endgame.

Midasdragon. He is extremely dangerous as he is the quickest give turner in the game. Having him in your frontline gives you many options. You can give turn to your team turner, you can give turn to your sweeper to kill whomever is before your team turner to get an extra turn and countless other possibilities. Hes a great counter to team turners as well because although team turners can take a hit, taking 2 hits from the likes of rexkong is a feat. Aside from his give turn ability explosive quartet can provide extreme distrubtion in the enemy line. Just a piece of advice. When you see midas in your enemys team kill him while you can. I know the idea of death revenge is gruelling but its 1 kill vs. 6. His use is mediocre otherwise in the team.

Galliodragon. He is a beast in the frontline as he is the quickest stun in the game. Can be a nice midgame option too.

Soulstealer. Now heres a monster that many people cringe when hearing his name. His sleep all can be absolutely devastating. Provided with proper protection he can kill a whole frontline and then some. Not too much use outside of the frontline.

Oniblade. 86 speed, one on one + dreamhunt. What more do I need to say. But banedragon can render him useless. I also like him a lot for mid game and end game. He can stop your enemy short in his tracks. And being that poison is so common theres a large chances that your monster will be poisoned so its a free one on one.

Aegisdragon. Probably the best form of protection in the game. He can keep most of your fronline safe and he provides utility as well as protection. If you dont have assassinate or protect killer in your team he can make you struggle to come up with a solution for killing anyone on the opposing team. He has a nice place in midgame as well.

Nightrider. When left undealt with he can sweep almost an entire team. But he is easy to counter as the frontline meta is generally quicker than him. He really great for endgame too paired with giveturners as sort of a last resort.

Super epics:
Zephyrox/alphagear. They are nice but dont compare to the legendary team turners. They both get killed by searguard. They are vreat throughout the rest of the team as well

Lavamane. Poor mans ziberius. Almost as effective but not as versatile.

Rexkong. The fastest unconditional critical damage in the game

Gearcroc. An amazing form of protection as well as stun protection. Pairs great with aegis.

Galvbane. A really nice option for pushing back threats.

Robinator. Make your opponents pay for putting protectors in the frontline. But if there isnt hes paperweight. But if you are running a stun team he allows you to open up your opponents line for stun.

Abyssraider. Quick poison gas is really useful

Diredemon. He serves 2 purposes. Hes protection while using one on one, and he can singlehandedly stop sleep lock.

Nighthunter. Really only good for flipping nightriders life.

Frostrider. Amazing potential but weak. I like his midgame too for sleep lock.

5th slot:
Motordragon. Oh motor. One of the most devastating monsters in the game. Remember when I said that the 5th slot can determine the outcome of the game? Well I was looking at motor. Theres no better way to slice a huge cut through your opponents team. With him you can completely stun your opponents team into oblivion.

Banedragon. Ironically a sleep teams worst nightmare. There are very few other ways to poison an entire team. He fits really well throughout the rest of the team besides the frontline of course. He can be a nice option for switch places too.

Icefang. Many teams welcome him, and many teams dread him. He follow him up with searguard and its almost guaranteed stun. Also a great candidate for switch places as you can decide when to bring him in.

Super epics:
Searguard. Well, he kills leo. Nice option for swutch places too.

Steamhawk: personally my favorite super epics being that I dont have motor. And he has a really quick bloodcrave charge so hes great.

Leogeist. "Aint no leo like a midgame leo cuz a midgame leo dont STOP!" As my first and favorite legendary, i am of the belief that leo fares best midgame becuase he usually gonna be safe from searguard and rexkong. He is possibly the quickest sweeper in the game once crescendo gets primed. Its like last stand with support. He can let you just be completely careless in regards to stun protection for the rest of your team, as long as you keep him alive.
Hes not bad in 5th slot becuase hes safe from rexkong and sear.

Terrordragon. He can sweep through teams real quick. Hes just hard to set up. He too weak to last in the frontline. He will usually get targeted first.

Auto poison. Possibly the strongest midgame at the moment. They are really poweful when combined, and can support most of your poison monsters. And to top it off they are stun immune. Usually when you hatch legendaries with matching skill sets you are disappointed. Dont be. If you get multiple auto poisoners you can get really far. They work well in the frontline too.

Emeraldeus. Nice monster. A very sustainable sweeper and easy to get going.

Burnsalot. I have no experience with him but Id imagine that if I had him I wud probably consider him unerrated by most people.

Metatherion. %100 accuracy with sleep is something to really relish. Has an amazing sweeper and provides nice protection and boy can this guy take a hit. I mean, he survived ever poison eater hes ever received!

Goldtail. Theres just no one like him. The only way to use him is midgame. He wont see the light of day if your enemies monsters are not either stunned, asleep, or bronzeshells.

Super epics.
Serazael. He fits anywhere. But frontline may not be the best option due to searguard.

Super epic protectors. They are really powerful in providing great protection. Midgame is really the only place I can see them because in the frontline you dont want to bump into robin and ice, and in the end game you wont really be protecting much.

Blitzdragon. Nice midgame stun.

Penguinator. Hes really the best there is in terms of reversing the fate. When you see him come in youd better stop what youre doing, pull out all your ammo and just shoot him to the ground till there isnt a morsel of him left. After you use slayerbane he'll generally be dead or only useful for aoe.(which is extraordinarily powerful by the way)

Revenarchion. Hes very easy to get going and can be a reall pain to deal with. He can really be placed anywhere in your team and really excel. The reason why I like him end game is because of his sweeping magnitude. But he can be frontline, midgame, and endgame and be a real force.

Well that concludes my list. Feel free to disagree or share opinions on other monsters.
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#100024 Friendly pvp petition

Posted by Ryan on 05 November 2016 - 03:21 AM

its definitely on our plate!

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