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Announcement: Bans and Appealing Bans in Neomonsters

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Read this before posting any topics relating to your ban. There is little the forum can do to help you in these matters, and it only clutters the forums and makes the mod's work difficult.

Information on Game Bans

Bans are implemented on users that have used any potential cheats or hacks in the game. This could include but is not limited to:
  • Downloading the game free, illegally
  • Spawning gems free, illegally
  • Playing a cracked copy of the game

Appealing a Game Ban

If you genuinely believe you have not cheated or hacked the game in any way, then you can attempt to appeal the ban by messaging shopsupport@zigzagame.net

Please do be patient, as you can imagine there may well be many users who believe they do not deserve to have been banned. From then on, it is in the dev's hands.