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FAQ and our new support system

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Posted 30 September 2016 - 05:57 AM

Hello everyone,

In an effort to assist and inform players more effectively, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions for players to refer to.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) How can I restore my save data?

A) To restore your data from another device, open Neo monsters on your first device (that contains the data you want) and tap "Online", "Community", and "View Restore Code". On the secons device, tap "Menu", "Restore Data", then enter the code obtained from the first device to restore its data onto the new device.

Q) I forgot my restore code!

A) Without a Restore Code, we need the following information in order to help restore your account:

1. Online Name and/or Friend code of account that you want to restore.

2. Purchase Receipt (when you purchased the game, you were sent a receipt to your registered email). Without this info, we cannot restore your progress. We also cannot guarantee that we will be able to find your account, especially if you can only provide Online Name, but not your Friend code, This is because Online Names are not unique, and there may be too many entries with the same name. Thank you for your understanding.

Q) In Labyrinth of the Four Guardian Beasts, I didn't get a starter monster.

A) Have you already completed that particular labyrinth? In the 4 labyrinths, each victory after your first has a reduced drop rate of only 60%, therefore you may or may not receive the monster every time.


Q) In Labyrinth of the Four Guardian Beasts, my starter monster didn't auto-fuse, and it didn't get a bonus.

A) The starters from the Labyrinth do not auto fuse because you need all 4 starters as ingredients in order to Ultra-Evolve one of them. For details, please tap the "On the New Ultra-Evolves" button inside the labyrinth start screen within the game.

Q) I completed the Six Trials mission while owning a +9 version of the prize monster, but I didn't get a bonus potion.
When you get a monster from a Six Trials event that is already +9, you will not get an epic potion. You cannot farm potions from this event.


Q) Does a 10 in 1 egg have the same chance to hatch a Legendary as the regular egg?
The probability of getting a Legendary, Super Epic, or Epic in each of the eggs from a "10-in-1" is exactly the same as an individual egg. The only differences are that you can hatch 10 eggs simultaneously, and you will receive a rare gem.

Q) What is a redeem code?
We are currently not issuing and redeem codes.

Q) I didn't get my login bonuses!
Have you received at least 1 of the bonuses for each day? The Daily Login Bonuses are given to you every single day that you log in, but the Cumulative Login Bonuses are one-time-only rewards that are given at specific milestones of days played. If you believe you are genuinely missing a bonus, we apologize for the inconvenience and ask that you contact our support e-mail. Please provide the following information:
Your Friend code; the particular reward(s) and that day(s) you were supposed to receive it; and as many details about your device as possible.

Q) The enemy monsters' stat points are higher than usual in the Ultimate Challenge.

A) In the Ultimate Challenge, the AI-controlled opponents are intentionally made stronger in order to raise the level of difficulty.

If you have any issues with the game, please check to see if it is already answered by this FAQ before submitting a support request. If the FAQ does not answer your question, please contact us via email to one of the addresses below.


New email support system:

As many of you may have guessed, our support email has been getting a little too bogged down for a single address, meaning it can often take longer to help people than we're comfortable with. To help resolve this, we have split the main address (shopsupport@zigzagame.net) into 5 separate emails, each dealing with their own topic. With this system, we can separate emails into categories and focus on those which are receiving a lot of requests at any given time. Below is an overview of the changes.
If you need support from the dev team, we ask that you please direct your email to the correct address so we can review incoming requests in a timely manner. 


This address is for anything related to In App Purchases. This includes hatching eggs, buying gems, or spending gems in any other way.
This address is for anything related to restore codes, such as restoring a lost account.

This address is for anything related to gameplay. This includes issues with event rewards, friends, bugs that require a response, or anything that isn't covered in the previous emails.

This address is for anything that does not require a response from the dev team. This includes bug reports, suggestions and criticism. Anything sent to this email should be done so with the intention of helping out the development team.


If for some reason an issue does not fall under any of the previous categories, the original email is still in use.

So that's about it! Thank you for reading!

-Tyler and the Dev team.

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