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Neo Monsters current tier list [Input needed]

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#1081 TNB iSegal

TNB iSegal

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Posted 17 October 2017 - 05:48 AM

Ofcourse he doesnt work for pvp, same as any link strategy / strategies that rely on 1 main monster (like night rider + give turns). Human isnt stupid, but ai does. So for pve ash can be awesome

#1082 RAF Alisnowpy

RAF Alisnowpy

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Posted 31 October 2017 - 04:22 PM

Gonna be interesting to see the moves in tiers lists after the upcoming PVP

#1083 isdatyu


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Posted 07 November 2017 - 08:22 AM

is this still updated regularly?

#1084 NMA Buckingham

NMA Buckingham

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Posted 07 November 2017 - 08:27 AM

is this still updated regularly?

It is, I'm working on the next update currently but due to the time gap between pvps this one is quite large so it's taking me a while. 


With a bit of luck I should have it done by wednsday evening / thursday midday. 

#1085 NMA Buckingham

NMA Buckingham

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Posted 08 November 2017 - 04:59 PM

PvP is finally back, and with it comes a host of much needed updates to some monsters and a completely reworked pvp system. The gap seems to have shifted the meta somewhat: perhaps due to the anniversary festival but it seems that assault lines featuring delugazar and ziberius/hellfox lines are very popular currently. In addition the last round of buffs has seen a resurgence in some less used monsters, with some becoming far more viable than before.

Delugazar goes in at A+ for general and S for pvp. An almost insane level of offensive capabilities but the resilience of a wet paper towel, delugazar is a glass cannon in every sense of the word. Given space though he cuts through teams like a hot knife through butter.
Mojinator goes in at C+ for both lists, whilst in his gundam suit Mojinator can do some impressive work as a solid support. However once ejector seat goes off the lower forms are more often a hindrance than anything else, and are abysmally slow to boot. He has potential but it is awkward to extract value from his moveset as it stands.

Lavaronix moves down to S, the myriad of assault lines running around currently are heavily punishing teams that are built around TT, and while they remain a serious threat in any team they are much harder to keep alive than before.
Mechaviathan moves down to S, see above
Utopion moves down to S, Delugazar provides a common and extremely hard counter and he has become a much riskier absorber to use than before as a result.
Hellfox moves up to S+, combined with zib he provides quick kills with double retribution, tremendous value from rebirth and remains a threat throughout the game. Add in payback revenge and he becomes impossible to deal with efficiently.
Midasdragon moves down to A, being unable to give turn to lavaronix has hurt his potential a lot, though he remains a strong option he doesn't have the power of a guaranteed TT behind him anymore.
Icefang moves down to A, the current batch of protectors leans towards camouflage or stealth often backed up by stun immunity, and icefang simply cannot deal with the majority of them as well as before.
Emeraldont moves up to S+, with utopion being pushed out by delugazar Emeral has taken his spot as the premier choice for stun absorber. It also brings a suprising amount of utility with soul shield and switch friend, and with only a weakness to timestrike it is in prime position to take advantage of a lot of front lines currently.
Lunartic moves down to A+, the current meta is very fast and sustaining a 3v4 long enough for lunartic to gain traction is simply too difficult a lot of the time.
Nightrider moves down to B, is heavily countered by fast frontline attacks and considering how teams utilizing him are structured it is all too easy to be completely ruined by a single (very common) shadowyrm
Bovolcus moves up to A+, the buffs to his speed especially have been enormous for him, ensuring that the first one of fire will more often than not happily murder literally everything around him. 50s to both drop his shield and kill him is especially difficult to deal with in the mid/late game.
Prismaryx moves up to B, the buffs have helped him somewhat but he still struggles with his core problem of simply being unable to kill things effectively. The buffs have certainly made him at least viable however, though there are far better options for sweepers currently still.
Chronotitan moves up to B+, despite his speed he is tanky enough to survive till the bomb goes off a lot of the time, especially since his hardest counter (banedragon) has been falling out of popularity lately.
Bunkerbeast moves up to B, the buffs have turned him into a slow but potent sweeper and his synergy with fast sleepers like oniblade and stratus make him a suprisingly appealing sweeper currently. His utility is a nice bonus as well.
Heavenswyrm moves down to C, his move order is very fixed (stun flash > healing light > survivor) and easily punished, and mojinator fills the slot of value support far better.
Tenebris moves up to A+, the speed makes him far more of a threat than before and the lack of poison midgames currently is proving to be fertile ground for the dark hydra to make his return.
Oniblade moves up to B+, whilst arguably worse than stratus he nevertheless makes a solid pairing with bunker and still offers some nice disruption when built around.

And that is it for now. I'm convinced I've missed a few additions but i can't remember them for the life of me so feel free to comment about them. And as always if you agree or disagree then say so.

Also general moji needs an in game iteration. Just saying.
Anyway, peace out
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#1086 TheGreatest


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Posted 08 November 2017 - 11:26 PM

Heavenswyrm is better than mojinator.

No logical person uses stun flash, there's no point in that move anymore.

Without a charged blood move only stealthbane and faststrike one shot it. These moves are uncommon in the fl.

It's a frontline mon only, where it can support protectors and get rid of threats setting up. The only problem it has is getting to that point where it could do that. One on one would set it up, which is already common in this meta.

All moji does is make itself vulnerable by misting or exit plan out of match completely. It shouldn't even be D ranked, it's that bad.

Heavens should be at B-, would be higher if stun flash was replaced with purify/purifying mist to combat SS, stag,Oni and stratus more effectively. They are everywhere.

In terms of usage only...yeah it could stay a C.

#1087 Zardecil


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Posted 09 November 2017 - 12:53 AM

Why do we have link stun flash when stun blitz exists?
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Giff limiteds, not 10 hour airhorn videos.

#1088 RAF Alisnowpy

RAF Alisnowpy

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Posted 09 November 2017 - 01:04 PM

Prisma is good but link slayerbane needs more hitpoints its already hard to setup due to link problems,so when its activated it has to be a vital move

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